Forensic Accounting

At Pivotal Forensic Accounting & Audits, we understand that suspicions of fraud and financial irregularities can be a significant source of stress for businesses and individuals. Our dedicated Forensic Accounting team is here to provide the answers you need.

Common Scenarios Where Forensic Accounting Can Help

Solutions You Can Depend On

We prioritize the confidentiality of our client’s data and information, adhering to robust security protocols. Our team adds value to cases by crafting pertinent questions, responding effectively to queries, identifying key documents and individuals, and conducting thorough research.

If you suspect fraud, embezzlement, or any white-collar crime, it’s time to uncover the truth. Call or email Pivotal Forensic Accounting & Audits today to schedule a consultation.

Our Comprehensive Forensic Accounting Services Include

Records Examination & Reconstruction

Thorough examination and reconstruction of financial records for a clear understanding of the fraudulent activities.

Answering phone calls

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Investigation of Financial Reporting Irregularities

Uncovering irregularities in financial reporting and providing insights for resolution.

Analyzing Insurance Claims

Evaluating the validity of insurance claims and providing support in case of discrepancies.

Searching for Unreported Income & Assets

Identifying unreported income and assets through meticulous investigation.

Identifying Weaknesses

Pinpointing vulnerabilities in accounting processes and suggesting measures to detect and deter fraud.

Basic data entry

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Organizing calendar

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Here’s How It Works

When you contact Pivotal, our friendly staff will schedule a meeting with the owner of the firm personally for a consultation. During your consultation, we will consider your current needs, plans, and goals. Together, we design a customized accounting/bookkeeping plan that is right for your organization.

You Can Sleep Soundly – We are on the Job

Our accountants and bookkeepers update your books on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis- whichever works best for you. We strive to keep you well informed so you always know where your business is going.