Tamsyn Earsley


With nearly three decades of experience, Tamsyn is a seasoned forensic tax accountant dedicated to aiding businesses in their growth journey. Possessing a profound passion for fostering business development, she specializes in forensic accounting, leveraging her extensive knowledge to meticulously scrutinize financial records and transactions.

Recognized for her keen eye for detail, Tamsyn excels in risk assessment, identifying vulnerabilities within systems and processes. She is adept at creating customized procedures tailored to the unique needs of companies, organizations, and governments, aimed at mitigating the probability of internal or external fraud, theft, or embezzlement.

In addition to her expertise in forensic accounting, Tamsyn also offers comprehensive tax preparation services for both businesses and individuals. She is proficient in the preparation of Federal income tax returns, ensuring compliance with regulations while maximizing tax benefits for her clients.

Throughout her career, Tamsyn has demonstrated a commitment to integrity and ethical conduct, earning the trust of clients across various sectors. Her multifaceted skill set enables her to not only uncover financial irregularities but also provide proactive solutions to enhance transparency and accountability.

With a track record of success and a dedication to excellence, Tamsyn remains a valuable asset to businesses and individuals seeking to safeguard their financial interests and propel their growth forward.

Tamsyn L. Earsley
Tax/Forensic Accountant
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